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EMF Express - November 2017

Amazing Results in Experiment with Dr. Korotkov

On July 24th, 2016 Peggy took part in an international experiment with the renowned Russian scientist, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov to measure energy activation from a distance. The results were clear and powerful. Of all the various activations tested, the EMF energy of Infinite Love measured the strongest! You are invited to learn how to activate more of the energy of Infinite Love for yourself and others. As promised, there are new tools for the new energy!

Special thank you to documentary filmmaker Tsipi Raz for her dedicated efforts in coordinating the experiment with Dr. Korotkov, and in making a film that leads people to know how connected they really are. Her vision helps us know we are ready to live in universal peace! An extra special thank you to Tamar Genisher, a dedicated EMF Balancing Technique® family member whose loving presence and insightful inspiration throughout the years helped to make this possible.


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"Peggynek az élet erőterére irányuló innovatív munkája elvezet bennünket önmagunkon belül oda, ahol a szeretet, a gyógyulás és béke kezdetét veszi." Technikája gyakorlati, hatásos és hatékony!"
Gregg Braden - a The God Code és The Divine Matrix & Fractal Time című New York Times sikerkönyvek szerzője

“We were very happy with the presence of Peggy at the Symposium.
Her work touched people’s hearts, and she again will be part of the Symposium.”

Wallace Liimaa - Founder of the International Symposium on Quantum Health and Quality of Life in Brazil