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Spiral Sweep Meditation

Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Narration: Peggy Phoenix Dubro
Background Music: Scott Childs
Duration: 21:50 mins

Strengthen your inner balance with a unique energy exercise called the Spiral Sweep.

Explore the connection between the Endocrine System and the Chakras.

Training the energy of the body to respond to the pattern of the Spiral Sweep will build strength and you will become more resilient in the emotions. Another benefit of the Spiral Sweep is an increased ability to feel your environment and the energy of those around you. You will become more empathic, gaining the strength to feel more deeply, yet remain detached.

You have learned that the energy of your being is self-regulating and self-directing. As you follow the pattern of the Spiral Sweep, your energy will respond in its own unique way. Nothing is forced here. Your energy is always finding the next best pattern.

Energy and spirituality are hot topics these days. Consciously connecting with your own spiritual body is a driving force, because you then have access to all the energy you have ever needed or wanted, and finally understand why you have always wanted more.

This brings me to explain to you why we have placed so much emphasis on the emotional body. The emotions help open the door to the new energy of enlightenment. All the masters, all religions, implore us to express purely and energetically, LOVE!

"Feel the energy, allow, as it leads you to your innermost truth"
- Stephen Dubro

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