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Endorsements and Testimonials


Peggy’s innovative work with the field of all life leads us to the place in ourselves where love, healing, and peace begin. Her techniques are practical, effective, and they work!
Gregg Braden - Author of The Isaiah Effect, The God Code, The Divine Matrix

The EMF Balancing Technique developed by Peggy Phoenix Dubro is a profound and deeply insightful method to promote well being, balance, and expanded awareness. The creator of this method has poured clear intention into being of the greatest possible service.
Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, BA, MD - Gematria Products, Inc. Laser Energized Nutritional Supplements

Peggy Phoenix Dubro has developed a truly multidimensional New Energy modality that is changing the face of planet Earth. The practical approach to human empowerment that Peggy is using is effectively reaching people and helping them take charge of their own lives. In a time when the evolution of humankind is moving at an unprecedented rate, the EMF Balancing Technique is a welcomed tool for the transition ahead.
Steve Rother - Spokesman for the Group

The EMF Balancing Technique has quickly become one of the most practical and effective programs available to those walking in the New Energy.
Geoffrey Hoppe - Crimson Circle

Peggy sees humanity differently than most ... she looks at you without judgment, and she looks at other teachers and other energy modalities without judgment. For she understands the integrity and the intent of the heart. And so it is that there has been no accident that this profound teacher is here today on the planet.
Kryon - Channelled by Lee Carroll


The connection I feel through EMF Balancing Technique is the strongest I ever felt in working with people and children with amazing results on physical, emotional and mental well being. I am very passionate about my work. Each time, it is an honor for me to give an EMF session. Sacredness and Love fill my heart when I see the transformation, self-growth and empowerment happening in my client's lives as well as my own.
Tatiana Blishenko - FL USA

I gave my first UCL 11-11-01. The class was amazing; we had fun and learned A LOT! The class ended at 3:33 by chance, and at the end of the class, the wind was blowing so hard the back door blew wide open, as if a sign from the universe. I wanted you to know I feel I am walking my chosen path in life. Working with EMF has changed my life. For example I could never have seen myself talking in front of people as "Teacher". I felt the energy of the teacher's template, and the words just flowed. I have even noticed more clarity spilling over into my daily life. Working with the EMF is like falling in Love!!
Shana Dubro-Cohen - AZ USA

I’ve experienced nothing in my life that is as powerfully, yet subtly life altering as the EMF Balancing Technique. Those drawn to the work can experience an expanded awareness of their infinite nature and learn to consciously co-create an enlightened reality filled with empowerment and peace. Are you ready to take your Soul’s next step?
Rhonda L. Hodges - USA

My own personal journey towards health and well being led me to the EMF Balancing Technique. Since becoming a practitioner, I have witnessed not only myself, but many people make profound and lasting changes in their lives. As a result of this experience, I have become more deeply dedicated and committed to assisting others in unlocking the potential that exists in each one of us. Enhance your own capacity for increased well-being and learn how to take an active role in creating your reality.
Julie Nicholson - AZ USA

I love working with this energy. I find it gentle yet powerful and I enjoy seeing the changes in clients before and after sessions.
Kate Paterson - Australia

It is my honor and pleasure to share this joyous work with those who are drawn to it. I feel that the EMF Balancing Technique is a beautiful expression - the highest point and expansion of my life's journey of learning what it means to live as a spiritually empowered human being. The EMF Balancing Technique harmoniously merges science and spirit with the sole intent for balance to accelerate personal spiritual growth.
Alba Peart - AZ USA

I love teaching and practising the EMF Balancing Technique, meeting and working with people who are choosing to change and transform their lives. There is such a feeling of sacredness and unconditional love that I feel when working with this system. As I teach and work with clients, I have found the EMF Balancing Technique to be profound, subtle, powerful and empowering, and I feel very blessed to be a part of the EMF Worldwide organization.
Julie Ramige - Australia

This work has enabled me to experience greater peace, joy and balance in my life. With more freedom and inner strength I appreciate the experiences each day brings. I honour my connection with Universal Energy and have great pleasure in facilitating the EMF Balancing Technique, knowing that my clients are connecting with this source of unlimited energy. These sessions are for you who welcome positive change in life and Choose to experience more of who you are!
Jan Sloan - Australia

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I am excited to offer the EMF Balancing Technique work to my clients. I rejoice as they combine their intent with the EMF Balancing Technique to generate positive changes in their lives.
Marcy Adams - CO USA

I first encountered the EMF Balancing Technique shortly before entering massage school and have experienced major shifts in my life as a result of this work. I have gratefully dedicated myself to sharing this work with others, helping them connect with their innate healing abilities in a way that promotes the joyful expression of spiritual empowerment.
Libet Barnes - LA USA

A paradigm shift of what it means to be a master. As practical use of the UCL creates balance throughout your energetic anatomy - learn to release, and re-wire for a new and co-creative life!
Anna Baudrain - Australia

The self-empowerment I received as a client of this technique inspired me to help others achieve the same. I am excited to begin my journey as a practitioner and assist others in reaching their full potential in life.
Janet Benner - Canada

The sessions provide deep relaxation and an opportunity to experience more of who we are. I enjoy sharing the process with my family and friends, as well as the new friends that have come into my life through this work. My world continues to grow richer and more beautiful as I continue to co-create the most enlightened life I can. Let's grow together.
Cindy Bergbower - FL USA

I became an EMF Balancing Technique practitioner . I have had such great experiences giving sessions ever since. I strongly believe this work is a beautiful nurturing way to get in touch with self and the universal energy that is a part of all of us. My experience has been that this technique results in stress reduction, better health and personal empowerment.
Danielle Bulmer - NJ USA

WOW! Has my life changed for the better! I was drawn to the EMF Balancing Technique and since completing my Basic and Advanced practitioner training, I am now in control of my life. I am emotionally balanced, radiate love and am on my true life path.
Sophie Chamberlain - Australia

The EMF Balancing Technique is one of the most powerful energy modalities I have experienced or observed. I often say out loud, “There is no better gift than an EMF Balancing session.” Time and time again I have watched clients experience profound changes in their lives as they actively participate in the EMF Balancing Technique by “giving intent, taking action and creating a new reality for themselves.”
Larry Cluff - VR USA

I was guided to become an EMF Balancing Technique practitioner and I am privileged to be a part of this exciting and important work. I love working with the energy and assisting my clients in achieving balance in their health and forward movement.
Kaye Cooke - WI USA

This technique has enriched me, my family and everybody around me. I give an intent that all mankind will experience it, especially my people, the Arab people. My inner peace has become empowered, and the belief that there will be a true peace between all people and nations in the near future! Thousands of thanks to Peggy - the originator of this great technique.
Naeema Darausha - Israel

It is a great pleasure to work with and facilitate the EMF Balancing Technique. I have experienced so many wonderful changes in my own life using this energy work. The sessions are very relaxing and can assist you in releasing that which is no longer needed, and bring back into balance more of who you truly are. As a lightworker I am here to support those wishing to heal and balance their lives, and this is why I am drawn to this work.
Mellissa Darbey - Australia

Thank you for organizing, detailing and blazing a trail for this beautiful science of energy to flow. I am honored to have been afforded this opportunity, to take part in the foundation, and blessed to be a member of such exuberant light workers who came together to "Rock Reno". May this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!
Sharon Dougan - AZ USA

It has been our privilege to share this beautiful and joyous energy work, through practice and teaching. The EMF Balancing Technique, is both scientific and spiritual, and can assist in opening up the connection we all have to the universe. It is a wonderful way to de-stress, to experience more of who we are, and be empowered in our daily lives.
Barbara and Neil Duck-Chong - Australia

The transformations that I witness when I apply the EMF Balancing Technique to my clients never cease to amaze me. Teaching this fantastic modality to others is also very exciting! As my students will also be able to assist their client's in clearing and strengthening their electromagnetic field and their core self, thus releasing fears, anxieties and no longer needed patterns of behavior. Through this work they will also assist their clients in accessing knowledge from within and manifesting, creating and mastering the life that the client desires.
Ms Ludmilla Ede - Australia

I felt called to practice this re-evolutionary technique, This technique gives us the opportunity to co-create our reality by allowing us to balance our energy according to our own inner wisdom. I offer my clients my insights into integrating this new energy. I’m a practitioner and take delight in performing this modality in a loving & nurturing manner.
Eli Galla - WA USA

This extraordinary brilliant technique has brought me to deep stillness and bliss. I have learned to be a creator, to dance with life, and to accept the joys and the miracles that it offers. I am experiencing a constant consciousness shift, and expanding beyond my limitations. Thank you, Peggy!
Tamar Genisher - Israel

The EMF Balancing Technique has opened my eyes to the Universal Energy. We no longer have to be anchored in our past or out of balance. We have the opportunity to stand in our Core, our present, and be the best we can possibly be.
Clair Hitchcock - New Zealand

Since my childhood I have always known that there is a wonderful, unseen world which surrounds us - and also that we are a part of it. Through this technique I have experienced an obvious and ongoing support of energy, light & love. My aim is to enable people to live a self-empowered and self-directed life filled with compassion. Evolution can be fun and exciting! Are you ready?
Evelyne Jakob - UK

I have been a teacher all of my life, it is Who I Am. I know what it means to love what I do and do what I love. My goal is to facilitate spiritual awakening and growth in my clients/students while guiding them to a stronger sense of self-empowerment. I strive to provide my clients/students with the tools they need to support continual balance and transformation within their lives. The EMF Balancing Technique fits in beautifully with this goal.
Kathy Karlander - CT USA

This is a very belated "Thank you" note for the wonderful December EMF Teacher Training class in Buena Park. My spiritual path although always rewarding in the end, was strewn with the usual (?) unpleasant incidences and I am afraid to say also people. However I can truthfully and with an open heart say, that you are a shining example of Unconditional Love. Although a pretty intense and probably often stressful week (for you), your compassion, your understanding and your patience never once faltered. I have always believed that the best method of teaching is to be an example, and perhaps that way, you taught things to each and every one of us, that no words could ever teach. Perhaps the best gift for you would be to tell you, that your beautiful system has changed my life, my sister's life and the lives of my clients. As we say, "I honor you and the Creator within you." Till we meet again,
Ellie Katsoulis - CA USA

I became drawn to this work and had no idea the effect it would have on my life. I enjoy sharing this wonderful energy with others. This technique has enabled me to move forward on my journey with joy and purpose instead of feeling I am weighted down with concrete boots! IT IS LIFE CHANGING!!!
Teresa Keppie - Australia

I come from a nursing back ground and entered the Natural Therapy Field. Having read about EMF Balancing Technique I could not wait to learn it and thus became a practitioner of EMF Balancing Technique. It is one of the most 'life-changing' modalities I have ever encountered, both for myself and for my clients. It is so gentle and self empowering it can only amplify the good and great within us all. I have now totally committed myself to this profound technique and have found it has enhanced the effects of any other modalities.
Dee Kynoch - Australia

I continue to experience the transforming and unfolding of my unique potential, since my own initiation of integrating the light with my biology through the EMF Balancing Technique phases. Experiencing this energy in my daily life has been truly amazing in that the journey has become graceful. Ushering others to experience the same has been great joy for me, and I invite you to experience this yourself with an EMF sessions with me.
Arlene Maala - CA USA

I was impressed at how the EMF Balancing Technique increased the clarity of my goals and increased my self-confidence in being able to accomplish them. Doorways for new opportunities are opening around me and I have the energy to move forward. My clients are astounded by the peace and freedom from worries that they feel after their sessions.
Carol McCoon - NY USA

My love for people and their ability to achieve great things lead me to explore energy as it relates to thought, emotion and intention. I believe at the core of each person is great love, and my commitment is to serve the expression of this love in myself and in others. The EMF Balancing Technique facilitates this expression to unfold, allowing greater personal expression, freedom, and creativity, to be within ones life.
Sally A. McGrew - NV USA

A little story I want to share with you: The last session I gave in Pau (France): The woman had never heard anything about "New Age," "Kryon". She asked for more energy, and for feeling better in her life. She lay on the table and began to cry. I waited for a while and began with Phase I. At the end of the session, when I asked her to sit on the table, she cried one more time, and between two sobs, said "It makes me always like this, when I go into a church".
Robert Munck - Spain

After completing my practitioner training, I asked God to provide a way for me to become a teacher of this beautiful modality, and today my spiritual journey continues. I feel honored to be able to share my knowledge with you so that each of us can bring this profound and joyous work of Peggy Dubro's to the world. With the EMF Balancing Technique, our light will shine so brightly and touch many hearts. I honor you and the creator within you, and so it is.
Marilyn Phillips - AZ USA

Gratitude, love and compassion exists in our hearts for the fact that Peggy Phoenix Dubro has discovered the Universal Calibration Lattice and developed the EMF Balancing Technique. Now each one of us has become an "energy millionaire", enriched by her work.
Nilgün Sarar Tuncay - Turkey

I have been honored to work with the energy of more than 200 clients. Inviting them to create a more fulfilled life as they move forward, embracing more of who they 'truly' are. It's exciting to be a part of these powerful new energetic times we are living in. Are you ready to get plugged in to a higher charge?
Cathy Simons - Canada

It is finally a reality for me that I have a practice in EMF!! And you were right, Peggy. Just the "right" people are attracted to me. I am a minister now and the people who come to me for EMF and spiritual counseling are people who have the same issues as I have worked through. Isn't God wonderful?!!
Lynn Blue Simpson - AB USA

It truly was the tool that helped transform my life. Together, let us build the most enlightened life on Earth we can!
Heather A Smith - Australia

Each time it is an honor for me to give an EMF session. Peggy and Stephen, I am so grateful for taking your work out into the world to make available for so many people. In love and light,
Harriet Snelders - Netherlands

Let this technique awaken the cells of your body, impelling the blossoming of your divinity. Human beings exist to be revealed into pure light, energy and pure consciousness.
Tabatha R Solana - CA USA

The class once again, was a true learning experience for all. My student was so pleased and amazed at the high level of energy. I know she will be pleased to receive her certificate too.
Marilyn Stacey - Canada

I am a retired international business consultant, now a general aviation pilot, my wife Alison, a former high school teacher invite you to experience an EMF Balancing Technique Session, a modern day tool for achieving health and balance physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We are passionate about this work and love to share the energy.
Art & Alison Stratman - USA

As a young child, I understood that life is much more than what we see with our eyes and that human beings are so much more than physical bodies. My search for the truth as to who I really am came to fruition when I found this technique. The tools I have gained from this work have an incredibly positive influence on my life and on those around me. I am deeply committed and dedicated to empowering adults and children alike, to experience who they really are and to live life to the full. I have been working with Special Needs children and young people for most of my life and as EMF Balancing Technique has been shown to significantly and effectively benefit individuals with moderate to severe learning difficulties, I am honoured to facilitate the changes that this work brings to my clients.
Drew Tapperman - UK

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing this precious gift into the world. Humanity needs it desperately. I have opened my personal practice in Moncton and it's going very well.
Colette Theriault - Canada

The EMF Balancing Technique is what I use when clients come for energy work. I love the purity and effectiveness of the technique. It is gentle but powerful and profound. Magical things happen when it is used. My clients love the sessions and can feel the energies. They can see a difference in their lives. They also like the different phases that are offered, each one building on the next. You have truly offered the world and those that are attracted to this technique, a gift. I thank you again for the opportunity to work with you.
Hope Thomson, RN, HCN (state certified holistic nurse counselor) - CT USA

With the training of the EMF phases I know that I co-create the most enlightened life I can on a daily basis and I have within me the tools with which I do it. This is a precious gift. The EMF Balancing Technique continuously amazes me!
Agoritsa Triantoyianni - Greece

It brings me great joy to share this wonderful journey of self-discovery with others who seek to fulfill their higher potentials.
Monica Tvetene - CA USA

Having spent most of my life deepening my connection to the Source of unlimited energy in the universe, I bring to my EMF Balancing Technique practice my sincere desire to nurture this connection in others. I am dedicated to enhancing the wellness, growth and enlightenment of all and to providing exceptional service and care to my EMF Balancing Technique clients.
Ronny Wach - NY USA

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