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Phases V-VIII "Masters in Practice" Teacher Training

Duration: 6 days

Prerequisites: Completion of Phases V-VIII "Masters in Practice" Practitioner Training & Phases I-IV Supervisory Teacher Training

This is a 6-day certification course that licenses the graduate to teach the EMF Balancing Technique Phases V-VIII Practitioner Training.

The course is a combined format providing both lecture and practice, and is taught throughout the year by Peggy Phoenix Dubro and Teachers of Teachers Phases V-VIII.

Certificate Certificate given upon completion of training.

Materials You Will Receive in the Class

- Teacher workbooks, DVD/Video, CD (PowerPoint), relevant handouts.

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“It is always with real pleasure that I see Stephen and Peggy again.

This class was really a very great occasion: an opportunity to share an unceasingly growing cohesion with all the students of all the other countries…

I felt that it had been woven like a new tapestry with all of us together, each of us being in the right place and expressing ourselves, as individuals sharing a collective experiment.

As always, the teaching aids (video, manuals, etc.) are very well organized and will be a real support to me as I teach future classes. The content of the information about Phases V-VIII is expressed much more clearly now by Peggy, compared to the first Phases V-VIII Practitioner Training that took place in Sedona a few years ago. I also understand the strength of this energetic work much better now.

And let’s not forget the splendid video animation of the Universal Calibration Lattice in 3 dimensions…

I can’t wait to teach my first EMF Phases V-VIII class, to share this very beautiful information with many new students…

Thank you very much, Stephen and Peggy.

I Love Us”

Patricia Penot - France

“The Phases V-VIII Teacher Training was fantastic!! I attended only by intuition and it didn’t take long for me to know that it was the best thing I could have done. Of course the energy was unbelievable. I found the understanding and meanings of the attributes deepened in a very personal way. Interacting with all the people from around the world was wonderful. Thanks for a great training.”

Mary Jayne Collins - USA

“The “Masters in Practice” Teacher Training further enriched and deepened my understanding of Phases I-VIII. To experience Peggy’s clear delivery of this beautiful energetic language and powerful alignments was a joy!

I am proud to be a member of the EMF worldwide family. The “Masters in Practice” Teacher Training deepened that sense of connection and my understanding of the power this work has to touch the family of humanity in a profound, deeply loving and respectful way.

I am immensely grateful I was able to attend the course and bring it back to New Zealand. I know I will delight in teaching these beautiful phases and enjoy using the superb support material!

From my heart to yours thank you Peggy and Stephen!

I look forward to continuing the journey with you.”

Pauline Baker - New Zealand

“After a difficult year, it was a gift to be part of your “Masters in Practice” Teacher Training in Germany. I felt the grounding and unfolding deep within me. It opened within me an inner knowledge of what I do, what I am and where I am. This gives me inner calm and confidence for my journey. The process which began in the seminar was step-by-step, phase-by-phase, effecting growth within me. And this is just the beginning…”

Thea Sieber - Germany

“I am sending this email in an attempt to share my experience from the Phases V-VIII “Masters in Practice” Teacher Training. Having said that, I really cannot find words to describe how I feel. All I can say is that after the training I feel full and enriched, I know I have changed, yet I still don’t know what the change or changes are, nor do I know how much change has taken place… Thank you Peggy! Thank you Stephen! And a big thanks to all those who contributed so that this training could take place!”

Agoritsa Triantoyianni - Greece

“The Phases V-VIII Teacher Training brought forth a deeper level of understanding of the EMF Balancing Technique. I am looking forward to passing on this knowledge.

I felt a deep unity with all those present and all that exists. At the same time I experienced joy about the uniqueness and beauty of every human being.

My perception of the effects of feelings, thoughts, words and deeds became more subtle. This subtlety of perception supports me in communicating with others more consciously and with respect for the truth that everyone holds inside.

I experienced a deep connection with the crystalline structure of the Earth. This crystalline Earth-grid presented itself as a wonderful bright refined energy. As I experienced the integration of the grid within my being, my understanding of the “World card” expanded in an unexpected way. Since then I feel strongly and lovingly connected with the Earth, which supports me in the manifestation of my potential.”

Ilse Gisin - Switzerland

“The teacher training for Phases V-VIII was splendid. I am more grounded, clear and active, and have gained a new perspective. A profound calibration took place – I perceive more balance between intellect and intuition in myself.

The understanding and the energy of the attributes intensified as the class went on. The attribute of Integration manifested in an astounding way, genuinely, delivering the gift of integrating “Shades of Light” that are already appearing in my personal life and in the development of my work. How powerful!

The new materials are valuable, clear and modern…reflecting the EMF energy!

It will be a “delight” to teach these phases and they will support me, deepening and complementing the earlier materials. Thank you!

To you Peggy, my loving gratitude for holding your sacred templates in such high resonance. Resonance expressed in a simple, colorful way (humor, happiness, laughter…), so wise and full of infinite love.

Thanks to all the EEI team, to all the EMF family!”

Esperanza Álvarez San Segundo - Spain

“My heart is happy to have had this further opportunity to communicate with you, and also with other co-workers through you.

The experiences in class enriched the loving information from Peggy, shared with all in a balanced relationship of brothers that reunite to grow together. We lovingly empowered each other as we talked, shared and worked coming from our wisdom, enjoying a relationship of teachers and students under Peggy’s watchful care, enriching our mastery. I feel very grateful.

Thank you Peggy, for saying yes to me.

A hug from my heart.”

Poupée Diaz - Spain

“Shalom dear Peggy and Steve,

I wanted to write to you a long time ago, right after returning home from Sedona, but I went through such a huge calibration that has lasted a couple of months now. So most of the time I was speaking to you ‘energetically’, and now I finally come to write to you and share some feelings and thoughts… I feel that this calibration has literally changed some of the wiring within myself, and that it had a profound impact on my biology and mind, as if the whole process was a ‘DNA Nano Technological’ aligning one, right to the very small particles and molecules of my being…

I was at peace with that gradual process, happy and with great joy, as I have come to know that these calibrations increase the amount of energy I can actually have and hold, affecting everything I wish to experience, create or manifest. Through my activated fibers, I now have more flow of energy through my body or electromagnetic field, I can connect more powerfully with my original essence and divine being, creating a deeper level of presence and a natural rhythm with my ordinary daily life. The channeled downloading information and insights are clearer and everything is becoming so efficient!

Many questions are still there: where do I really come from, what is my personal role in the grand scheme of things, how can I contribute more to the general evolution of humanity. And how every single event or experience is making me more whole (or as you say Peggy, more holy…) preparing me for what is inside of my own unique templates…helping me to remember…

I do not expect any miracles: as we are told, the miracle has already happened, it is us, simply asked to be and to radiate gently this pure love and light that we are, no matter what is occurring in our life…It is that simplicity I am looking for…

The EMF has transformed every aspect of my life. I continue to learn, understand, integrate, develop and expand my consciousness much more rapidly and much more interdimensionally beyond my wildest dreams! I am evolving because of it and from it…

The tools I have received have allowed me to not only assist myself, but many others who come my way. And it is always a great pleasure to be in service, for our planet and humanity.

I feel myself fortunate and am truly grateful to have found something that is making my life so happy! I have a great passion for the EMF work!

In every training I feel, again and again, that I am finally arriving Home. And at this point I would like to thank you so much for your generous invitation while we were in Sedona. It seemed so natural but yet not obvious. Thank you for opening your home and hearts for us. Being invited to the ‘Home of the Home’, reached another level…

The training was a very powerful one! The ‘new edition’ of teaching the Phases V-VIII is beautiful and contributes so much to the understanding of the technique and also of the first four phases. Being together in class with people from all parts of the world, meeting some old friends and some new ones, sharing the laughter and the tears and living the ‘human to human’ connection – it all felt like being a member of one big family, a family or a company that I choose to keep and am very proud to be a member of!

Peggy, you are a most loving and generous being (or as I love to describe you – an ‘angel in disguise’). Your sole desire is that we should reach our highest spiritual potential, and co-create the most enlightened life that we can, and I am willing to go after this ‘blond wisdom’ wherever it takes me…

Steve, your deep inner knowingness, wisdom, humor and magic are unique, and of course your culinary talents, and should I add now your dancing skills that were revealed in class?

Tomorrow – December 1, 2006 – I am going to teach my first Phases V-VIII class. I am so excited, a little bit nervous, like before the time I had my first Phases I-IV class. I never thought I would feel like that again, like before a first date, but I guess it is a ‘never ending Beginning Process’...

I have invited some Phases V-VIII practitioners for an updated class of Phases V-VIII, to have a taste of it, a kind of a ‘sneak preview’, and they were all so happy with the new materials, excited about the DVDs, and we all had our eyes full of tears throughout the meditation.

I am going now to go over (again…) the checklist, and make sure I have it all and am ready for tomorrow,

I honor you, and the Love and Light that you are,”

Tamar Genisher - Israel

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