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Phases V-VIII Practitioner Training
"Masters in Practice"

Duration: 6 days

The first Phases V-VIII Masters in Practice class took place in Sedona, Arizona, Sept 2003. Graduates from around the world bring Practice Mastery sessions to their clients, their friends, and their countries. As you experience these sessions and practice the attributes of mastery, the original resonance of who you are will increase, and so will your ability to co-create the most enlightened life you can, filled with the noblest powers of Mastery!

"From the Infinite within me to the Infinite within you let us begin..."
~ Peggy Phoenix Dubro ~

Eligibility: Phases V-VIII is open to all the following:

  • Personal Growth Graduates
  • Licensed Certified Practitioners
  • Accredited Practitioners

Prerequisite: (for Licensed Certified Practitioners only)

  • Completion of 1-day Upgrade Internship class (Phases I-IV - for non-interns).


  • Personal Growth Graduates - may attend Phases V-VIII training for personal growth purposes only.
  • Licensed Certified Practitioners - may attend Phases V-VIII training for personal growth purposes only.
  • Accredited Practitioners - may attend Phases V-VIII training for personal growth purposes or to attain Accredited Master in Practice status.

Phases V-VIII Accredited Internship Requirements:

  • 12 sessions (3 of each Phase V-VIII) within 6 months.
  • Keep session log.
  • One phone consultation or personal meeting with teacher (If more than one consultation is required, teacher may charge an hourly fee).
  • Personal Growth Graduates and Certified Practitioners can enter the Phases V-VIII Internship only after completion of the Phases I-IV Internship, or the Phases I-IV Upgrade Internship.
  • Phases V-VIII Internship sessions shall be done at no charge. In special cases, the teacher may grant permission for the intern to charge for the Internship session.
  • There is no charge for the Phases V-VIII Internship.
Certificate Certificate given upon completion of Internship.

Materials You Will Receive in the Class

- Workbook
- Card Deck

View Phases V-VIII Training Course Objectives


Students describe the new sessions, and their experience in the Phases V-VIII classes:

"I experienced the original resonance of who I am present in every fiber of my being."

"The environment of love and trust, the feeling of family was a beautiful resonance; The step-up in the energy level was profound - the infinite possibilities of developing the 44 attributes of mastery (and more) are mind boggling."

"The sharing of love between all of the practitioners/Peggy/staff. The warm, safe, trusting, feeling in my heart."

"Phases V-VIII continues/deepens the foundations built in I-IV. Now I understand why we do the work the way we do - brilliant."

"Phases V-VIII sets templates within templates, creating a profound way to practice mastery...Each time a phase is offered it is unique, based on the client's choice of specific attributes, awesome!"

"Phases V-VIII begins another spiral that leads deep within, through questions, the energy session, and the practice of mastery in daily life (with the help of 45 illustrated visuals presented in card form) The most profound work I have experienced."

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