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EMF Balancing Technique® Training Prices
- Upgrade Internship*

*For Certified Practitioners only, who have completed the Certified Practitioner Training (older program) and wish to become Accredited Practitioners.

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EMF Training Prices
Upgrade Internship
Country/Region Currency Upgrade Internship Tax
Australia AUD 625
Austria Euro 525
Belgium Euro 625 inc VAT
Canada CAD 625 + taxes*
Central America USD 430
Estonia Euro 500 + VAT
Finland Euro 525 inc VAT
France Euro 938.60 inc VAT
Germany Euro 525
Greece Euro 625
Hungary Euro 430 inc VAT
Ireland Euro 625 + VAT
Israel ILS 2900
Japan Yen 81000
Mexico USD 430
Netherlands Euro 625 inc VAT
New Zealand NZD 550
Norway NOK 7380
Singapore SGD 625
South Africa Rand 2600
South America USD 430
Spain Euro 625 inc VAT
Switzerland CHF 940
Turkey USD 625
UK GBP 475 inc VAT

* Canadian prices + applicable taxes

If your country is not listed, please contact EEI for prices.

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